For many individuals, families, and small businesses eviction due to the inability to cover rent and concerns of foreclosure are real possibilities during times of economic crisis such as healthcare concerns (personal and family, bereavement, etc.) or unemployment. Perhaps even just the economy overall is facing a recession or depression thus effecting the cost of living for the individuals within the system. This is especially true for seniors on fixed incomes.

Things happen, unfortunate things outside one’s subjective control to good people all the time. Safety-nets fail, when unforeseen circumstances suck the cushion right out from under those who are truly making an effort to make ends meet. The economic wealth gap is widening- meaning that more and more people are finding themselves in predicaments such as mentioned.

Everyone has been there at some point in their adult life when the realization hits that your only viable options are short term loans with exuberant interest rates, family, and/or friends to help loan you the money.

How do you obtain a loan when you are unable to work do to being laid off, unemployed, disabled? What if your credit is poor because of the plight in which you find yourself ? Granted your family and friends are in a position to help, but what if they are not? What about the shame and embarrassment? The sleepless nights?

But what if there is another way? What if we were to tell you that MYREM, Inc. provides an alternative to those solutions discussed. An alternative to those limited resources available during such demanding circumstances. We can help keep the roof you already have over your head and make sure you can continue getting a good night’s sleep not having to worry about a basic need such as, shelter. And we can do this anonymously if you prefer, or we give you recognition in aiding the next MYREM, Inc. client by, donating any excess funds obtained from the event you’ve participated in hosting, to them and their needs.

MYREM, Inc., keeping our neighborhoods and it’s communities, as one. So come, come out and join us, and let us party together but do so with a purpose in mind.

Rent Assistance Program (RAP)